Jenny Wren came to live here!

house wren

There are two very busy little birds working out back.  Jenny wrens normally arrive here around 5/1, spend some time singing and looking around, and selecting a nesting site.  Shortly after that they become very busy building a nest and going to laying and hatching.

I’ve heard them singing all around here since about 5/1, but no activity at my 2 wren boxes.  I had wondered if the fact that MaChatte goes out for a short period most evenings might be keeping them away, cos they are very particular about possible predators to their nests.  Or, since we had a late spring with some cooler weather up until the last couple days, maybe it just wasn’t time yet.

Tonight I heard singing again, lots of it, and sat down and waited………..there went one, in the box closest to the house.  Carrying a stick!

So I got the camera and got a shot of her, moving, but still, wrens are building in the  house!

This little bird produces the most wonderful, loud, long, exotic songs.  It seems impossible for so much song from such a little bird.  They wouldn’t half fill up your palm if you had one in your hand.  When I hang things on the clothes line, she growls and jaws at me, and has flown down to flog me already, grazing my hair.  These birds protect their home and young, and have some nerve taking on a human!

Now there will be pretty songs out back from them in addition to lots of other birds, but theirs is the best.

5 responses to “Jenny Wren came to live here!

  1. awesome capture. I can never get them to hold still long enough! My grandmother has some living in a little birdhouse just off her porch. They are very agressive 🙂 I love to listen to them. Great post, happy Friday to you 🙂

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