Baby rabbits….not for stew!


They are brave enough to let you get within about 5′ when they’re this little.  Baby rabbit mortality rate is high; diseases, abandonment, people, lawn mowers, hawks, cars,  cats; many things contribute to that.

My friends across the alley discovered 4 babies in a nest up in the field about a month ago and were careful not to disturb them.  One has been hanging out down here, and runs behind the garage inside the retaining wall when he gets scared.

Dear little fella, just stay out of my rabbit fence, where the collards and cabbages are, lol!

6 responses to “Baby rabbits….not for stew!

    • They are very cute; excellent picture! We had some wabbits here, but I think our mystery hawk keeps getting them. All we see is a huge shadow, but can never find the bird (or the wabbits 😦 )

  1. Thanks! I got close enough to get the sun shining thru his ears, since he didn’t mind. Hawks love them; it’s a nice juicy meal and easy to catch. My son often sees them running in the bamboo when there’s a hawk around, cos it is so dense the hawks can’t get in there to get them. I hope you can get to see the hawk sometime. Beautiful bird, and everybody has to eat.

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