Just had to go cut a head of cabbage


I couldn’t stand waiting any more, cos I never grew cabbage before and I wanted to taste one.  I left the outer leaves lay out in the yard for that silly little rabbit we have out there.  https://sarasinart.net/2013/05/26/baby-rabbits-not-for-stew/

He should feel privileged that he got those leaves and not the compost pile.   It’s his reward for not finding a way inside my rabbit fence!

These cabbages are heirlooms, not hybrids, and by the looks and taste of the thing, I supposed I’ve never had heirloom cabbage before.  It’s tight inside and so sweet and just real good.  And I grew it myself! I always thought there was some big mystery to growing cabbage, but not so.  Just keep that rabbit away, lol.

4 responses to “Just had to go cut a head of cabbage

    • And it’s so good! Thanks; I’ll be growing some more of them in a fall planting and more next year, and have 4 left out there yet. It’s the first time I’ve concentrated on heirloom plants, and now I know!

  1. Congrats, It’s a beauty! That would go nicely for my slaw tomorrow for my hot dogs (spicy seitan)… It’s so rewarding, I’d think, to grow it yourself… I can’t wait to do some real gardening… I grow my own sprouts and herbs which are great, but have a real garden… ah that would be fantastic… hoping you enjoy your fine cabbage

  2. It is so rewarding, especially growing something I never grew before. I hope you’ll be able to be somewhere where you can grow more things, even if it’s in pots. I’ve done well with some things in big pots at times. Growing your own herbs is great, having those wonderful flavors available right in your kitchen. You can’t get any fresher than that!

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