Just a few green beans……

heirloom green beans

I just picked just a small handful of green beans, and lots more coming planted in two places.  These are heirloom pole beans, which means they aren’t a hybrid bean and I can let some go to seed for next year.  Green beans are a healthy food and I like healthy! These will go into a pot of soup tomorrow, with other good things.

I’ll cook up a chicken, one without all those chemicals added, add some whole grains like whole wheat and barley,  and some dried beans of other kinds, (black eyed peas, lentils, red beans, black beans)  some carrots, celery and onion. Plus fresh parsley and chives from the herb bed and bay leaves from my bay tree.  https://sarasinart.net/2012/10/13/bay-laurel-a-good-cooks-good-friend/

Then I’ll have a big pot of natural and nutritious soup for lunches next week.  And, good!

8 responses to “Just a few green beans……

  1. Sounds yummy! I love the type of meal where one pot makes a whole weeks worth of food. I also love that you can veganize a soup like yours with seitan instead of chicken.

    • I like to cook something on the weekend for lunches the next week, easy then and easy later. I have to admit I had to look up what seitan is, had never heard of it. Thanks for teaching me something! Soup is good food and I can cram it full of things that are good for me, and you sure could make it without chicken, cos the dried beans and whole grains have a great flavor all their own. Or add seitan!

    • Wow that looks really cool! I use a crockpot mostly when I make chili or stew but for soup I like the stovetop. I think I’ll look into getting an electric kettle. Thanks for the amazon link! 😀

      • You’re so welcome. It’s an amazing pot. It keeps a very even temp, so you can walk away from it and let stuff simmer and no worries of what it’s doing. One of the best things my son ever bought me, and gets used almost every weekend in the winter.

  2. This sounds so delicious! I’ve been wanting some good soup, and this made my mouth water a bit. I, like Jackie, would use seitan or seasoned tvp instead of the chicken, but it all sounds yummyyyy. I used to use a crock pot, but rarely now, I have an electric pressure cooker for beans and soups.

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