I’m a boring blogger in the winter time


Actually, not much of a blogger at all lately.  Winters feel worse as we get older, and it seems like a good time to hibernate like a bear as much as possible.  Nature is still important on a daily basis, just slower, and no gardening to do.

I go out and do lots of things, none of which are too exciting, but I do keep busy.  I spend some good time volunteering at our local historical society, keep active walking on the treadmill at the gym 5 or so days a week, and other things to keep mind and body active.

But it’s also good to take time to watch as 5 squirrels at a time have some territorial discussions on the patio.  And watch flocks of doves eating seeds, and many other colorful birds, thankful that their human remembers that they’re hungry every day.

There’s rough leaf dogwood out along the house, and it serves as good sanctuary for birds to hide in its density of leaves all summer.  It also gets white berries on that the birds love.  In the winter when the leaves are gone, the protection from it isn’t as good, but a pair of cardinals still seem to hang out in its branches a lot.

winter refuge

This lovely cat who allows me to occupy her space hasn’t been in a blog for a while.  She is also getting old(er) but still enjoys life, and some new toys she got from a relative at Christmas time.


So winter is slower, and I’m boring, but I’ll keep  blogging as long as anybody reads them, lol.  Soon be 8 years, with lots of garden stories and lots of rambling and ranting.  Enjoy Today, whatever you’re doing during this slowed down season.

11 responses to “I’m a boring blogger in the winter time

  1. Hang in there, my friend! Spring is just around the corner, well, kinda… 😉
    Thanks for the video of MyChatte. Maybe she would enjoy some playtime with the squirrels outside? The temperature dropped below zero in this part of the world and Mr. Bowie doesn’t stay long outside. He prefers my duvet in the bedroom…

    • No, Herman, she hasn’t gone outside for several years, cos she reached a point that she just got too scared of all the noises out there. We have wind chills of -10 coming tonight and tomorrow, so I’m holed up like a bear! You and Mr. Bowie stay cozy and safe and warm!

  2. Frigid temperatures, frequent gym trips, cardinals and squirrels, an entertaining cat – that does not sound boring at all, seems like you have plenty to still keep yourself busy when there is really not much to do outdoor. Stay warm and keep writing 😀

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