Hopi Lima beans

Lima beans

My Hopi orange Lima beans have been growing very well and they are terrific producers of flowers and beans, on good strong vines.  The pods are smaller than the King of the Garden Limas I’ve grown for several years; usually only having 3 beans in each pod, and the vines don’t get quite as long.  But that’s ok with me, cos look what they look like when you shell them to eat fresh! I had had just a few before but now there was a nice batch of them ready to pick all at once.

Lima beans

These beans have been grown in the southwest for a thousand years.  Here is an excellent article about them and some of their relatives.  https://www.slowfoodusa.org/ark-item/hopi-mottled-lima-beans

They will get different shades of orange and streaked with dark brown and some almost black when they’re dried. Here’s a few dried ones, from the friend who gave me some to try.  I didn’t plant them all and now wish I had found room to plant more than I did.  Next year……oh yea.

Hopi orange Lima beans

I’ll be letting some dry for seed. And I’ll let some dry to eat in things in the winter, if I can keep from eating them all fresh, that is.

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