Thai purple yard long beans really are amazing

yard long beans

They grow like the seed company said they would, and produce a lot of beans.  And we can’t eat flowers, but these pretty little orchid-like flowers just make you smile.

They didn’t look very exciting in June and July, slow to get started.  Maybe they just had to get better established than other beans I’ve grown, or maybe once the really hot weather hit that was their type of climate.

Now there are 3 people I’ve talked to about them who want seeds, and we’ll be saving some for each of them, and some for next year, when we’ll grow these again.  Love those heirloom plants: save seeds, plant seeds, get the same plants back next year.

yard long beans


Thai purple yard long beans

20 responses to “Thai purple yard long beans really are amazing

    • Aren’t they so pretty? You can get the seeds from Baker Creek. The beans can be sauteed or just cooked, and taste pretty good. If you put them in soup, your soup might get purple, cos when you cook them the water turns purple. They’re fun, and so interesting to see growing. People around here have never seen anything like it, and now several others will grow some too when we share some seeds.

      • Even if they don’t make many beans for me the flowers alone are enough. I’ve got some edible gourds (they’re tropical plants like your beans) growing this year and might get a few decent sized fruit but their huge white flowers are certainly worth the effort, too.

      • Sounds a bit like morning glories. Do the flowers have a fragrance?

      • I bet you’ll like the beans. And the whole plant is just fun to watch grow and look at. Nobody ever saw long purple beans hanging down before.

      • If I get bean pods to form I can safely say no one out here has ever seen anything like them but I’m always growing some odd plant.

      • Oh you’ll get beans. It might take waiting till it gets really hot for them to start to flower. Then beans start to form after the flower within 2 days. And the beans grow pretty quick! We grow more odd stuff this year and will again, cos my daughter in law loves purple stuff. We have purple bell peppers, purple jalapenos, purple cherry tomatoes, and these yard longs.

      • I was in a purple phase for a while with the garden. I’ve toned it down a little but still go for colorful plants everywhere. Your daughter-in-law should try growing purple cape cauliflower sometime.

      • It does like cool weather but our MN summers get very hot in July and even August and cauliflower does fine. If it is planted in July I think it might do well in your state’s milder autumn temperatures.

      • Sounds a bit like morning glories. Do the flowers have a fragrance?

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