Rabbit in the rabbit fence!


So, I was inside the rabbit fence pulling weeds. There’s a roll of the fencing at the corner that I can pull back to make an opening.  I had seen the baby rabbit a few minutes before, and had a thought……..about him coming inside the fence………….

In about 5 minutes, sure enough, here he came, right past me by about 2′,  over to the other side of the fenced area where some collards and cabbage are about 6″ tall.  Looked up at them, like maybe, oh good, here is what smells like food and it’s bigger than me!

So I had to chase him out, and in 5 minutes there he was again, running thru the fenced area.  Out, Out!

Now the fence is closed and he is outside, lol.  Maybe he heard it was a rabbit fence and thought that meant he was supposed to go in.  No, little bunny, you can stay out and eat grass and clover and plantains.

6 responses to “Rabbit in the rabbit fence!

  1. I hope not Laura cos he needs to be afraid, or he’s gonna get hawked or caught by a stray cat. He was gonna walk right up to my cat and I last night when we were out, with her in her harness and leash on, or he would have been a gonner!

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