You can reverse type II diabetes


I know that, because I did it!  3 years ago I was diagnosed and the doctor offered me the oral meds.  My blood sugars weren’t real high and I made up my mind I was going to control this with diet and exercise.  I know diabetes will get worse as I get old(er), but for now, I wanted to take control myself.

I lost about 15 pounds over a couple months and started eating better.  I never lived at fast food places before, and thought I was eating pretty healthy, but I realized I still needed to change things.

So I started eating less meat, way less red meat, more veggies, more rice, almost all whole grain everything instead of refined grains.  And getting some real exercise.

My aiC’s started to get good.  That test measures what your blood sugars have been over the last 3 months.  My finger stick tests at home were almost always normal, unless I had made an idiot out of myself in some way, like occasionally hitting a Chinese buffet, lol.

For the last 6 months, I’ve been jogging about half a mile inside my house almost every evening.  It’s a long, skinny house, and there’s a perfect circuit, around and around.  MaChatte probably thinks I’m nuts, and sits there thinking: There she goes again, and she was just here before………..  I put on my favorite piece of music and there I go again.  It’s a nice lively song that keeps me in step so I know I’ve gone about half a mile each time.  Sometimes I do a mile!

So, with the changes I made and the additional exercise,  my last a1C was 5.9 and my doctor announced this is now not diabetes.  Just to be sure, I asked him if he was telling me I had reversed diabetes, and he said that is what I have done.

I can’t change anything; I have to keep living the way I have been or it will revert back quickly.  But I’m proof that you can change some health conditions and improve your life and your  future, if you’re willing to work at it hard enough.  I like the things I eat now and to take some time for real exercise every day is something I’m now used to doing.

I hope this might give some hope to somebody out there who  wants to improve their health by taking control of it.

10 responses to “You can reverse type II diabetes

  1. mmm, chinese buffet! (had to mention that first :))… anyway, congrats! I’m convinced that diet and exercise can prevent and even reverse most diseases. I was type ii, but refused the meds, also my chloresterol/trygl. were through the roof, refused the meds, I have no signs of diabetes and i’m sporting chlor. numbers my doc was amazed at, last check around 112… exercise and a radical diet change (well it’s radical to most people) . Congrats!

  2. Yea, I can really make a fool out of myself when I splurge once in a while, like a good buffet. But I just don’t do it very often. It IS radical to most people and some told me I was carrying things too far with what I was doing. But you do have to decide what you want; and I am so glad that it can make a difference. Well congratulations to you too! You did diabetes and cholesterol both! My cholesterol is still high, but it’s also genetic in my family. You did very well and you’re now a much healthier person than you were. Feels good, doesn’t it?

    • it sure does, but i have some makeup to do, on vacation, my whole body is messed up, hard to eat right when you’re not the one deciding the menu 😛

  3. Eating out any time is bad, hard to decide, yea. But you know once we know what to do, it gets to be second nature and we can get right back to it. So I hope you enjoyed your vacation and now you can get back on track. Good luck!

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