Some garden beginnings; some for people, some for lizards

All gardens begin somewhere. Most of mine starts with seeds in my little greenhouse with plant lights. I started tomatoes and peppers from seed around 3/15. Soon the tomato plants will get too big for in the little indoor greenhouse, and I’ll have to put up my small plastic one outside, till time to plant things out about 5/15.

My ornamental cherry tree was beautiful.

I’ve been working in the garden some on nice days to get ready. I found a treasure again, like last year: praying mantis egg case. I didn’t see any of the mantises last summer but obviously some stayed around. There aren’t many of these any more and they eat the bad bugs, so we treat them well. I found this as I was breaking off last year’s pampas grass. I then hid it down in the old stems, to protect the case now and the emerging baby mantises in a couple months.

The garden will get a little smaller this year but I’ll still grow most of my regular things. I’m getting old(er) and have a couple new health issues so less weeding etc is a good thing.

I have some things planted in the little inside green house for my lizards. And some things out in 2 raised beds too: chicory I planted from seeds last year, now growing great, and a good staple food for them. I also have a few small mustard plants from last years’ dropping seeds, and I’ll plant more of that after any chance of frost is over. It’s so good to be able to grow more things to feed them and don’t have to rely as much on what’s available at the stores.

Both my scaly friends are doing good. Both are gaining weight and are very happy to have it be dandelion season. Dandelions are like drugs to lizards.

Little Geyri is one of the smaller uromastyx species, but is growing good. She will continue to grow slowly for about 2 more years, when she will reach adulthood. Taking a picture and posting it doesn’t do her pretty colors justice. She is such a dear little girl, and a gentle little soul.

Chucky is adorable and a little more rambunctious, as is appropriate for his species. He is currently shedding, and brighter colors will be under the old skin: more black on his legs and more red on his back. Shedding is not a fun time for reptiles.

More red on his back, yesss, and his favorite place is still UP. (Tony this one’s for you.)

So I ramble along with not a lot of importance to say, but the garden is always one of my main topics. I could discuss the state of our politics or the state of some parts of our country, but that would be a long discussion with no new info from me. Just pay attention folks, to what is happening around us. We want and need this democracy to stand, and so does the rest of the world.

Be well, garden if you can, most of all, be happy with whatever place in life you are in.

15 responses to “Some garden beginnings; some for people, some for lizards

  1. Always great to read your posts! I’m about 40 miles east of you. My auntie in 4100 block Carlisle Rd Gardners passed last year but cousin Jeff’s still there with chickens & cows. I enjoy your lizards far more than I expected. Here, I’m tending to a spoiled dog and anxious to garden. This week is pulling weeds. Those ones that shoot seeds into my face when I pull. Loving our PA seasons.

    • Thanks! It’s been such a roller coaster of temps, whiplash! It’s hard to know how to think about gardening. I’m sorry to hear about your aunt. A spoiled dog, that’s the best kind! I like to give my animals their best lives too. That’s neat that you’re enjoying my lizards. More garden posts to come!

      • Aunt Gladys lived to 91; her older sister my mom lived to 92. They passed fairly gently just months apart last year. Grandmother was a Bupp. Many of the Bupp offspring fill your area of Cumberland and Adams county & live long lives. I think it’s the gardening – 😘

      • I don’t know of any Bupps personally but I’ve heard the name around here. Long life, good living, gardening, yea it all goes together. You have good genes!

  2. Glad to see you’re back in business! Looking forward to read more about what’s happening in the future in your garden. Also glad to see both your scaly friends are doing good…
    I’m so happy were back in spring and heading for warmer sunny days. I love to see the nature waking up again and coming alive with fresh green colours. The gardener payed me a visit and made my garden ready for summer. Looking forward to enjoy my coffee outside again… 🙂

    • I was pretty boring as a blogger over the winter but I’ll try to write more with the garden. And my lizards, who have fans on 3 social platforms, lol. Your garden is so beautiful and to sit out there with coffee and watch Jimi exploring, ahhh, the good times. Enjoy every minute!

      • It’s always fun having a lot of fans and followers for your pets. I prefer having a low profile and let Jimi do all the work… 😉

  3. OH! The title should have been a clue. I should have avoided this! Oh well, too late. I suppose I will not get much sleep tonight.

  4. I did not know Geyri was still growing! I’ve been away for a bit, but am surprised I’ve not seen this post (even before our email stopped showing new posts & most comments – know idea why). So good that you have food in the garden for everyone in the family.

    • Most desert/arid lizards grow fast the first few years until they’re about 5, then slow down but continue some growth all their lives. She’ll be 4 the end of this month. I weigh both these guys every couple months to make sure we’re making good progress.

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