It will be 13 years, this blog……….

Rambling, gardening, showing my 2 adorable lizards and what is getting to be my old cat. Getting older myself, and having some new health challenges. You figure things out the best you can and keep rolling along.

Trying to keep it light and not get political, tho that continues to get harder to do. Wandering thru the scary time of COVID, unsure of anything, and even that had to be made political by so many people; anything to further divide our already divided country. Some of our leaders want chaos and hatred and to rule, rather than govern. Many of us realize and have respect for the fact that the US is not just rich old white men, and the wives who support that concept. We are losing some freedoms that we’ve had, justifiably so, for many years. The same authoritarianism is happening in other countries, while some countries are just at constant war. Even the effort to try to save our planet is politicized and divisive, and that’s one fight we can’t afford to lose.

So what are ya gonna do? You’re gonna get older and try to stay as healthy as possible, stand up for what’s right at every opportunity, sort out the seeds and plan the garden, play with 2 interesting lizards, continue to be thankful for what we have and for the love of family and friends, and for every day. And continue to ramble along in this blog. I started out saying I’m an opinionated old hippie lady, and that’s still true.

Today, that’s what we have. A friend sent me a picture of a pizza box from across the world, because it has on it a universal concept that’s so important for all people to remember: Life is a collection of moments. Enjoy your collection, Today.

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