Chuckie’s Gotchya Day

A year ago today I went to pick him up and bring him home. Friends who run a reptile rescue had him and wanted to free up some space for some more animals. Sometimes they will adopt-out one of their rescues to a well-vetted home. She asked me if I wanted Chuckie and would take him and give him a good home. (She knew I treat my little Geyri uromastyx like a queen. 😊)

So I had put together a quick temporary enclosure for him while we waited for his bigger one to come. During that time we got to know each other some and figured out what foods he likes and what little treats.

Then he moved into his big enclosure and shortly we developed his penthouse room cos this guy obviously wanted to go UP.

He’s a happy chuckwalla. He likes his house and his food, his temperatures and light schedule. He’s active, and up and down from top room to main enclosure all day. Climbs up long sticks to get up there, and to go down, he puts himself in the hole in the floor and throws himself down on to the rocks below. These are the same kinds of activities a chuck in the natural habitats would do. Takes a little siesta in the afternoon like others do in our desert south west. He’s an acrobat and a character and I call him Chuckie Monkey.

I’m so happy to have this dear little interesting crazy creature. He doesn’t brumate in the winter like my uro does, so he helps to keep me entertained during our boring months.

Gotchya Day, Chuckie Monkey. ❤️


22 responses to “Chuckie’s Gotchya Day

  1. I spelled Geyri’s name incorrectly when I responded to your kind comment on our post. I have those strange mental blocks with some names & words, the cause of which remains unknown. I blame years of hardcore multi-tasking & I’m sticking with that excuse!
    This is such an awesome rigged up enclosue enlargement for avid climbers! It is a great alternative to purchasing an even more expensive setup & with minimal constructing!

    • Oh it’s ok cos she can’t spell it either, lol. I already had the big enclosure and people who had chucks said it would be big enough. Well, not for this chuck. My son to the rescue, finding the upstairs room and cutting the holes.

      • That is awesome! I hope it for a small snake. It’s so good to see animals dwelling within an enclosure more than what is considered as fair. In my opinion, what is often considered “fair” is fair when that, whatever darling it is, spends a truly fair amount of time out with family and/or in an outdoor enclose during good weather. Murph’s enclosure is a rigged system as well. I may do another post about it. You’ve inspired me to show what can be done. When I do this, may I link to one of your posts or this one? I think it’s an option many do not consider.

      • Yes that enclosure is intended for a small snake. 4x2x2 is the size of his main enclosure, and many people keep chucks in the size, and some told me it would be good for him. But he told me he needed to go up, and that he wouldn’t be happy till he could. You know how an animal can talk to you by actions when there are no words. So, I thought up the idea and we went from there. Sure, you can link to anything I’ve written. I’d be happy to know any of it helped somebody improve their reptile’s chance of living their best life.

      • Yes, I absolutley believe he told you he needed to go up. They do speak telepathically.
        Thank you very much. If anyone ever does mention it helping, I will absolutely let you know.

      • Their actions are as good as words. He would climb up his highest stick and put his little face in the corner. It was sad, like he was asking how he could go UP.

    • Thanks. It’s hard to explain how enjoyable a lizard can be, to somebody who never had one or learned to appreciate them. He does make me happy, and giving them both their best lives is a challenge and also makes me happy.

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