More about bamboo


These are new bamboo shoots, about a month old, and already over 10′ tall.  They will continue to grow but not as fast as at first, and will end up maybe 20′ tall.   These still have the wrappers on that are on new shoots, and that falls off after the shoot get tall.  It is very much like paper, and always makes me think it should have hieroglyphics written on it or something else important done with it.  It’s  very strong fibers when it first comes off the shoots, and it piles up around the area.  It stays intact thru the winter and only has started to disintegrate then in the spring.  You can see whole pieces that are from this year and shreds that are still laying there from last year.

new bamboo

Having the bamboo is fascinating to me and it’s pretty and gives a safe place for little animals to hide.

2 responses to “More about bamboo

  1. These grow super fast and have dozens of uses… you could make a flute! Nice shots, hope you had a great weekend

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