How does your garden grow?

collard greens

Collards are doing good, several ready to harvest soon and scattered plantings mean there will be some coming along for a while.


Romaine is looking good and I plan a salad tomorrow!


Cabbages are starting to head up, tho a couple have had some bugs chewing them a  little.

pole beans

Several green beans are starting to send out climbers and find the trellis.

hot peppers

The herb bed I started this year is looking pretty good with rosemary, chives, parsley, basil seedlings, a few small sage plants and some jalapenos and chili peppers.

baby rabbit

And guess who is still hanging around every day and seems to live under the garage.

5 responses to “How does your garden grow?

  1. You have a fine garden; I love this time of year with fresh produce available. You’re missing carrots for your little friend there 🙂 Hope you’re having a great weekend

  2. I can’t plant root veggies in that area where the fence is cos there was garbage fill put in there after a house was torn down about 1930. So I can only plant things that have regular roots and they seem to work around bricks and stones down not too deep. My little friend loves clover flowers the best and he has a lot of them to eat, and is growing! Have yourself a good weekend as well, thanks!

  3. Thanks Jackie. I’ve been eating herbs and onions and soon time to eat some other things. All my tomatoes have blossoms now too. The earth provides wonderful things!

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