Cactus and succulents always fascinated me

mammalaria cactus


Years ago I had several cacti and these interesting plants always fascinated me.  I still have one from long ago, and it is now about 40 years old.  It’s a slow growing barrel cactus and has been in the same pot for about 10 years.  It doesn’t get, well, excellent treatment, sitting in a picture window facing west for about 10 years now.  But still, every year it produces at least one or two flowers.  It only started flowering maybe 20 years ago, and I couldn’t believe it the first time!

barrel cactus


It has a new companion, as of Christmas, when a friend gave me a pot of succulents.  This kalanchoe in that pot now has a flower on too.  Still fascinating, these desert dwellers that will live here if we treat them right.


7 responses to “Cactus and succulents always fascinated me

  1. Wow, I have never known anyone to have a cactus for 40 years, that’s amazing 🙂

    • Thanks. It hung on thru some times when it didn’t even get watered much, and here it still is, flowering! They are very hardy plants. Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your comment.

  2. Ditto what crooked tracks said above! I had no idea they were so long-lived either. They ARE pretty fascinating plants, aren’t they? I’m hoping to visit the desert next winter..stay tuned.

    • It’s probably odd for somebody to have one in the house for that long, but out in the desert some live to be a hundred years old. The old ones are the varieties that are bigger, huge barrel cactus and the saguaro, the cactus everybody thinks of when they think of cactus. I’ve been to the desert in AZ several times and deserts are amazing places. Where are you going to a desert? That is so cool, especially if you’ve never been. I remember my first trip and it was like another world.

  3. I’m joining the chorus on this one – I think it’s amazing and very cool that you’ve had it that long. Cactus are very interesting plants as are the deserts where they grow.

    • I know it’s been that long cos I remember the circumstances in which I got it, and it’s just kept hanging on, lol! I loved being in the desert in AZ several times when I went to visit my son when he was stationed there. I hope you are doing well! Have a good weekend.

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