A few peas….

non GMO


Picked a few peas.  I can save seeds from several things this year cos none of my seeds are GMO now.  I found seed companies that can supply all the kinds of things I want to grow.

green beans

The Lima beans and green beans have reached the top of the bamboo “goal post”  I made for them, and are still going UP.  Last year Japanese beetles tore my green bean leaves up, and I had my mind made up to get a beetle trap this year, and I did.  I’ve read articles that they attract more than they catch, but I don’t think that’s the case here.  I had a lot of them last year and that’s why I bought the trap.  And I had a few in the trap within  a few hours of putting it out there.  I’m catching a few in a jar each day and dumping them in the trap by hand, but a lot are finding their own way in, so I think the traps are worthwhile.  And these traps are good since there is no poison; no harm to the environment or other bugs.

I have a couple of groups of black eyes peas that are getting huge and now starting to send out winders.

black eyes

The rabbit fence is about to become a trellis for black eyes and a group of green beans I planted late inside there too.  Yea, I had mentioned that I love the summer….yea.

7 responses to “A few peas….

  1. I used to hang beetle traps like that in my chicken’s run/coop area, with the bottom cut out of the bag. The beetles would fly in, the chickens would wait underneath the open bag…

    • Ha, that’s funny! A chicken feeder with the feed flying out of the sky. I bet they’d be a good crunchy bit for the chickens. Hateful little things for some veggies and all roses. Hope you’re having a good weekend.

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