Bombay cat!


My mother saw a video online about Bombay cats and pointed out to me that…..I have one!  Here these years I thought MaChatte was just a wonderful cat with a huge personality and gorgeous coat.     Turns out there is a reason for that; back a few generations somebody was bred to be that way.

Here’s a Petfinder article: It gives some history about how this actually became an accepted breed.

And some info quoted from the Petfinder website:

Bombay Cat Personality

If an aloof, independent cat is what you’re craving, this breed isn’t for you. Bombays are attached to their family, and tend to love the entire family rather than bond with only one person. Fanciers say they are particularly good with children.

They want constant attention, although they are gentle and polite in their attempts to gain your notice. When you sit down, don’t be surprised to find your Bombay sitting beside you moments later. Curious and intelligent, Bombays love to play, but are not as rambunctious as some breeds. Generally, they are not as vocal as the Oriental breeds.

Bombay Cat Breed Traits

Black to the roots, the Bombay’s coat invites caressing with its fine, satinlike texture and shimmering ‘patent leather’ sheen. Bombays develop slowly, gaining their eye color and gleaming coat well after they are four months old. Some prospective buyers tend to think the kittens look rather ordinary. Bombays, like fine wine, seem to improve with age.

I could post pictures from their site or several other sites about Bombays, but all the pictures look just like MaChatte, so here’s my own Bombay again.  I told her she is special cos she sort-of has a breed, but she doesn’t seem to care.  She knows she’s special just cos she’s MaChatte, lol.  So true!



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  1. Two other distinctions I forgot to mention. Only black hair, not a different colored hair anywhere, even whiskers. And, black foot pads…some black cats have light colored pads.

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