Garden Beginnings…………


So, my brother-in-law came with a ditch digging machine and dug up my garden.  Dug down far enough to let roots of veggie plants have room to grow.  Then my son and I  were trying to put in corner posts for a rabbit proof fence.

Wait, something is down in there…..hard, pretty flat……….what?  My property sits in a high limestone area, but not in the immediate area where this plot had been dug.  But, there was an old house on the lot till about 1936 or so.  It was torn down and it’s cellar was filled with junk fill.  So, here’s my son, and me later, digging up bricks and stones that are down there, to be sure the roots can go on down.  We’re good for a foot, and most veggie plants don’t need more than that.  I’m not planting any potatoes, and that’s a good thing!  Collards, lentils, Romaine, cabbage, all those will be ok with a foot to sink roots before they hit bricks.

I’ll have to be really careful as I work this cos there are pieces of glass and old pottery, broken, down in the fill too.  While the guy was digging with the big machine,  he turned up something shiny and I went to retrieve it.  What I found was a neat little bottle, intact, that was buried under the ground for something like 75 years.  Not valuable except as a memento of my history here.  Some research tells me that it probably held medicine or small food, like olives.  I found a site that  helped me with that.  Made probably before 1930, since it was made in 2 pieces and put together, has a suction scar on the bottom, has bubbles in the glass, and has no screw threads for a lid.  It would have been closed with a cork.

antique bottle

Anyway, the garden plot is dug, the part that will have a little fence to keep the rabbits out.  There is another place where I’ll plant tomatoes, a spot that has done wonderfully growing huge tomato plants with wonderful yields a few years in a row.  I have little baby tomato plants growing in the kitchen, and they won’t go out till maybe early May, due to possible frost.  Tomato plants will nip and die quick from cold.

beefsteak tomato

Out back in the new herb bed, my transplanted chives roots are eager to get going!


I planted a few onion sets in some big pots.  My wildlife here causes me problems, like squirrels who are so cute, but they love to dig up anything planted in a pot.  Maybe some chicken wire will keep their little hands out of the onions?

squirrel problem

They say we are about 2 weeks behind for spring here in this area, but now we’re getting there!  The first warm day I’m just not happy unless I go dig in my dirt.  Let’s get gardening!

5 responses to “Garden Beginnings…………

  1. Nice looking soil. Cool finds. I remember digging a garden in Duluth back in the 80’s on a soil-covered bedrock outcrop and thinking it would be an easy go. I filled up several wheelbarrows with broken glass, cinders, and other junk. Found a few nice items like tiny vials and a dime from 1901. The garden turned out great as I filled it with all sorts of sedums and wildflowers.

  2. That garden sounds really nice! This is good rich soil. I’ve owned that piece of land for about 12 years and have grown different things on it, just not in that area. The relative who dug it up for me used to be a farmer and he even said about that rich looking soil. We’ll see what’s growing on after a while! Thanks for your comment.

    • You are very welcome. Spring is here on the calender only and I am itching to get in to the garden. I will post a few of the photos from that rock garden on my Flickr site. You can connect to it from my blog page.

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