Rambling around outside on a beautiful June day




It was a beautiful day and I took the camera for a walk.  The century plant yucca is blooming now and it’s so pretty.  Taller than me, lol.

century plant


Cabbages are starting to head up.


The new bamboo shoots have reached their full height, and then they drop paper-y wrappers all around.


This year’s rabbits were running all around in the yard, still a little scruffy looking, working on adult coats.  Not a good shot, but I tried while this one ran right past me. He was making very good time, with no place close to there to hide!


Things are growing well, but alas, the little yellow green bean is not keeping up with its green neighbors, and I’m afraid when we predicted it couldn’t live, that will turn out to be true.

green bean


Grow on, and enjoy your summer!

12 responses to “Rambling around outside on a beautiful June day

    • Thanks. That’s a day lily and sadly each one only lasts one day. It was a good day to be in the garden, 80 and no humidity. Thanks for following and I appreciate your comments.

  1. Very nice captures! I enjoyed rambling with you – thanks for sharing. I’m not quite back yet (I think I will be next week) but I did want to pop my head in to see what you were up to. I see I have a lot of catching up to do! 🙂

  2. I have an agave plant in my front yard that doesn’t look nearly as pretty as yours. Any hints short of setting it on fire to make it look better?

      “Maybe a person’s time would be as well spent raising food as raising money to buy food.” 

    • Ha, you are funny! I don’t think setting it on fire will really help! Is it maybe a different kind or something? Yes, raise food when you can, grow on! I wish we had a longer growing season.

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