MaChatte and her tunnel…………

cat tunnel

Here’s a very young MaChatte in her tunnels.  A grocery store here has a $1 section, and there I bought this nylon tunnel, about 1 1/2′ long.  That was fun, and she liked it, so I went back to get another one to stitch to the first one.  When I got there, they only had 3 left.  I didn’t know how long they might last with cat claws, so I figured I’d better buy them all, also  in case they didn’t get them back in again. (They didn’t!)  Then I ended up stitching them all together, and we had a nice long tunnel.  She’s ripped them apart many times and I had to stitch them back together. All things considered,  the best $4 I ever spent in terms of good cat entertainment.

Then at another store there was a cat cube, which I bought, and we stuck the end of the tunnel in that.


Now we put the end of the tunnel under a big cabinet, or even in a cardboard box, so she ends up “somewhere else” when she comes out that end. She has her own little private space and she sometimes take toys in there.  She also sometimes disappears into her space to take a nap.

Cats are easy to entertain with some imagination.  This Christmas she got a wonderful new toy which we’ve played with for hours.  It’s a piece of plastic strapping that was on a box of fruit.  She loves it.  Sometimes it’s the simple things in life………….

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