I wondered what hydroponics was all about….

Some people have the space to build big hydroponic systems in their kitchens. I don’t, so a little one will do. On a big uromastyx FB page, some member were discussing smaller units they have. So I got one and it works just the way it was described.

There is a timer that turns the lights off after 15 hours, a light that tells you when to add water, and one that tells you to add plant food. It looks a little like something that landed from outer space with all the grow lights. The light bar goes up to 12″ so you can grow taller plants.

This was in an ongoing search for a way to grow some of the greens I need for my little uromastyx in the house, in the winter. I can get greens from the store here in the winter, but I’m trying to avoid that and it’s a challenge, cos the light that comes into my kitchen just isn’t right.

Little Geyri needs a variety of food so now I’m growing arugula for him, two kinds of basil and thyme for me. This is fun. And winter will be long and boring with the cold and COVID, so every little bit of fun helps.

Geyri is growing good and it’s important that he likes his food.

This morning, the arugula was getting big enough to start taking some leaves off so we tried one. It’s a rotational food he can have 2x a week.

And he likes it!

4 responses to “I wondered what hydroponics was all about….

  1. To be honest, this was new to me but very interesting. I didn’t really know what a hydroponic system was. Thanks for making this clear to me.
    It’s beautiful to see how Geyri is growing. He’s going to be big boy soon thanks to the healthy and delicious food.

    • It’s like magic Herman, lol. No soil, just water and plant food. People have big systems, some of which have fish living in a tank below, and the fish water is their fertilizer and it’s a self contained system once it gets going. Those big systems can grow lots of food, and bigger plants. It’s amazing. Uromastyx grow slow because there is limited food in their natural environment, and his growth and weight rates are both very good for a geyri his age. He really does have a good life here, cos that’s what we’re supposed to provide for our captive friends. I’ve learned a lot about how to care for these unique little lizards. And I just love him!

  2. We used hydroponics in laboratory situations in school, but it was not much fun for those of us who prefer real soil and sunlight and growing things a bit more naturally. It has its advantages.

    • I have windows that are coated to keep the heat out, so I can’t grow stuff at them in my kitchen, except a couple low light herbs. So I’m attempting to grow some other herbs for me and some stuff for this little dinosaur over the winter. It’s a fun thing to do.

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