Nature out my windows……

sunflower seeds

squirrel face

It snowed and the ground being covered makes it hard for the animals to find food.  There’s a bird feeder at a side window where I spread some seed on the ground as well, since some birds will only eat from the ground.  Slate colored Juncos, (which we call snowbirds, cos their bellies were dipped in snow) and doves are our two biggest groups of ground feeders here.

The bird feeder attracts more than birds, tho…………….

animals in winter

I put some seeds on the back porch too, so birds (and squirrels, lol) can have another place to get some food.  MaChatte sits right on her window ledge and looks out at them 5 feet away, vibrating and talking to them.

wildlife out the window

The day time animals are easy to see.  Usually night-time ones are harder cos it’s dark out.  But when you’re a gray possum and the ground is white, it’s hard to hide!  The wind was blowing and making noises that kept him very alert while he ate some goodies I had put right out in the yard.  MaChatte watched while I took pictures.  Not the best pictures, cos my camera is great in light but it’s hard to get pictures in the dark.

possum hunting food

wild animals

The possums hit my compost pile every night.  It’s not in a container; it’s a fenced area that they can get down into.  I guess some salad scraps are good food if you’re really hungry and you’re a possum!

Happy New Year!  I hope you have some nature to enjoy in your world.

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