A nice cabbage



If you’ve never grown cabbage and only ever bought it from the store, you automatically  think of cabbage as being a thing maybe 6″ across.  It’s hard to believe they come from a seed that’s the size of the head on a straight pin.  First you get this teeny yellow sprout above.  Then this, below.

heirloom veggies

Then with TLC, water,  time, good organic fertilizer and some way to get rid of cabbage worms, you get this below.  It’s not as big as some you might find in the store.  Nor was it genetically modified (this is Golden Acres), or grown with any poisons or chemicals that are harmful.  And the ones I grew last year were the best heads of cabbage I’ve ever eaten. And there are several more still growing in the garden.  Yum.

non-GMO cabbage


Cabbage, potatoes and ham, soon!  And some cole slaw.

5 responses to “A nice cabbage

  1. Cabbage, potatoes and ham are to DIE for! And home grown cabbage is ‘the bomb’ as my teenage grandchildren would tell me. Grow on!

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