Black eyed peas

black eyes

They’re not like other beans at all. They get bigger before they start to flower, and once the flowers are done and the bean pods come on, they take longer to fill out with beans.


black eyed peas


And they’re purple on the ends!  And they’re worth waiting on cos they’re good!  They stick straight out until they get heavy with beans inside, rather than hanging down from the start like other types of beans.

Beware that wasps and yellow jackets are on and around the pods once they form. Nectaries at  the base of the pods secret a nectar even after the flowers are gone. They don’t sting or damage the pods, but they might sting the gardener!

wasp on black eyed peas

It’s a very interesting plant to grow, and they’re so good fresh.


7 responses to “Black eyed peas

    • Well hey it’s a good arrangement cos you teach me stuff all the time too. We had some nasty weather here tonight and I hope yours wasn’t too bad. On the weather channel it looked like your area was getting hit pretty hard.

    • Thanks Jackie, you’re welcome. I’ve learned so much about growing things from experience and from other people, and I like to pass it on to others when I can. Especially that wasp warning!

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