Time to eat black eyed peas

black eyed peas

They get really big plants before they start to produce flowers and then bean pods, but they’re worth waiting for.  Cook them in water about 10 minutes, while you fry a little bit of bacon with some onions.  Then put the drained peas in that and simmer it all together for maybe 10 minutes. Mmmm, so much better fresh than dried.


black eyes

12 responses to “Time to eat black eyed peas

    • I do too, Jackie, especially in the winter when it’s hateful out, good hearty soup! I remember you like your winter soups and post pictures for us to see, where we wish we had the app to let us smell them, lol.

      • I’ll be doing that again this year! Along with chili and other goodies. It would be great to have smell app for food. In the meantime I guess we are stuck with having to imagine it. 🙂

      • Thank you! After August the 27th I think it’s gonna be difficult for awhile to cook or take pictures. 😉

      • That’s true, but I made some stuff ahead and froze it, bought some convenience foods I’d never eat at other times, and a couple times I ordered pizza, lol! You’ll be needing some comfort food the first few days. But you’ll figure out how to do some things pretty quick. Feeling bad, from the anesthesia and the whole experience, only lasts a couple days, then you’re bored with sitting around and find yourself inventing ways to do things you want or need done. Will you have anybody to help you with some things? I’ll try to give you encouragement cos I’ve been there and done that.

      • Although my family lives here and will be helping they have families and jobs to tend to as well. So I will going it alone a lot of the time. I know it’s going to be difficult seeing as it’s my right shoulder but I will get through it. I have thought about and I think I will be putting my blog on hold until I get out of the sling. If it were not my dominant side maybe but I have been practicing doing things with my left hand and I think it’s best I take a break rather than try and push through it. Your posts are very helpful in helping me see what I need to do before the surgery. Thanks for that and offering encouragement – I really appreciate it. XO

      • Typing was rough during the sling time, one finger at a time. Pile up some good books to read, and take naps with that beautiful cat! You’re very welcome, and I’ll try to keep the encouragement coming!

      • OK, those seeds were already on my Sam list, lol. They are good growers. Think of what you can use to let them climb 7-8′ tall. Cos bamboo is one thing I can’t bring on a long trip in a small car. The bottoms of the stems where they come out of the ground are about 1/2″ thick.

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