It’s kind of hard to type………..

Bombay cat


………………with these two big feet hanging down on the keyboard!  This is a hint that she’d like to go outside!  (Not all my blogs are about gardening, just most of the summer ones, lol.)

14 responses to “It’s kind of hard to type………..

  1. Great capture of MaChatte showing the true essence of what being a kitty is all about. Ah to be a cat! 🙂

    • I did. We went out shortly after that. She likes to sit on the back porch and watch birds and squirrels and maybe even the chipmunk.

  2. MaChatte is beautiful. I know you must love having him around. He’s way bigger than my kitty, Simon! What are you feeding that girl?

    • She did grow up to be a big girl. When she stretches out on her side that’s a lot of cat, lol. Her vet recommended Purina One and she’s eaten that and Fancy Feast canned all her 5 years. There’s dry food out all the time, and she manages to keep her girlish figure, only eating what she needs and not gaining weight. She’s still quite a character, although she’s slowing down some. We should see a picture of your kitty! I love cats, can’t imagine not having one in my life.

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