Romanesco broccoli



I had never heard of it.  The organic, heirloom seed company I buy my seeds from sent me the seeds in the spring, free for ordering other seeds.  I had to look it up on  line to figure out what it is. They say it looks more like cauliflower and tastes more like broccoli.  (Black eyed peas growing in behind these.)

Everything seems to grow big here, thankfully! and these things have gotten 3′ tall.  Now they are starting to form heads,  and the little heads look like pictures I saw on line.  The heads form fractal shapes as they get bigger and the thing is really neat looking.  Hopefully I’ll get to see how it tastes after a while.

heirloom broccoli

5 responses to “Romanesco broccoli

    • I will! They kept getting bigger and not forming heads, but now they are all getting heads. It’s an interesting thing, and the leaves are sort of blueish grayish, the top picture more accurate as to color, I guess because of the flash up close. I’ll be back with whether I’ll grow it again next year. I love to try new things.

  1. Whoops! I seem to have missed this post. My apologies.

    I have never heard of Romanesco broccoli before! I love broccoli so I look forward to reading your report. 🙂

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