More about Audrey…..

huge winter squash

OK, I guess I’m obsessed with this huge Chinese winter squash.  Her name is Audrey, lol, and I blogged about her size and how vigorous she is before.

She has 3 stems now well up the bamboo pyramid I gave her to grow on.  I knew that wasn’t going to be enough space for her, and was working on where else she could go.  I’d love to just let her run loose thru the grass but there is the issue of mowing.

So, brainstorm, I think…..several sisal twine strings from the top of the pyramid, over to the clothes line poles. She’s got weight cos each shoot is an enormous amount of plant material, but sisal twine is strong.

All of the shoots up on the pyramid are already nicely twined around parts of it.  She wants to go, and to climb and cling onto things to protect her branches from wind. This plant, well I’ve never encountered another plant like it.  I keep giving her direction so she can continue, and also so she doesn’t cut off sunlight from my pepper pots which are right beside where she’s growing.

It seems like just a week ago I was waiting for her to cross the path up thru my yard.  Now I wrapped her top shoot around the one length of sisal twine, and can add more twine as  needed.  And the clothes lines are long and strong, once she gets across this space and to the metal poles.

She is determined, and so am I!

Chinese squash


9 responses to “More about Audrey…..

    • Haha yes. And it’s a little crazy to be letting this go on, but it’s also fun. The end of the shoots are soft at first and feel like an animal’s paw. It’s just an interesting experience/experiment. She should have a big field to roam in, but I can’t do that, so, we improvise, lol.

  1. Has Audrey produced any flowers? If not, I wonder if she never will without a mate. I experienced this with Tomatilla plant; required a mate.

    • No, but in the 4 month life of this plant, I think it’s still early. Other squash get pretty big before they flower. And as far as I know, all squash produce male flowers first, at the bottom, on longer stems, to attract pollinators, then female flowers up the stems further, which get pollinated and produce the squash.

  2. Go Audrey! This reminds me of my Dad….he has been known to name his baby cucumbers and report back everyday with their growth….”Frank is almost ready to pick and I brought George in with me today!”

    • Ha, that would be complicated to name each plant. I have never named one before, but this thing is so different. The shoots are huge on the ends where new leaves will come from, and soft and feel like animal paws, like those on a big dog. I might never get a squash, and might not even like it if I do, but this is going to go on. If it does produce, it will be right at the end of our growing season here, like pumpkins, which take so long to form. I’ll post about “her” again.

    • Nooo, so far lots of feet of growth, some shoots probably 30’, and only male flowers. I read a review of the seeds from the seed company, and it sounds like it might be mid September till she sets squash. I knew my growing season might not give me time to actually get squash from this, but it’s sure an interesting thing growing this massive plant. I’ll write about her again soon.

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