The yard is flat in the winter


And boring in the winter.  And each spring, I plant seeds that will spring up plants from the earth, and the garden and yard is not flat any more.  And even after many years of gardening, it still amazes me every year that I can go out in the garden and pick food from the plants that grow there.  Tomatoes, peppers, squash, beans; all to be eaten now or shared, or preserved for the time after the cold comes and ends this blessed time of the year.  The earth rests then in this area, and I watch, and plan to have the yard rise up again next year with food to be picked off and eaten.

In the summer there are wonderful flowers.  Different colors, and some will produce summer squash, to be sauteed with garlic and added to some pasta.

summer squash

The area under the pergola for beans is amazing with cucumbers and squash. I’ve been eating cucumbers and sharing with my son and daughter in law, and their bearded dragons also eat the smaller ones.  Amazing, growing food for dragons, lol!


The patio in the back includes lots of pots with sweet and hot peppers. I grow purple jalapenos for my DIL, and they are now 3′ tall with purple peppers all over.  She likes to wait till they turn red to eat them cos they’re hotter then.

hot peppers

I like hot stuff but also want sweet peppers, and grow a couple different kinds.  Like these nardello peppers, which are good sauteed with ground beef and tomatoes.

sweet peppers

The tomatoes are now all taller than me, and usually go to 7′ here.  Ahh, fresh ones, followed by tomato sauce for winter later!


And then there’s the squash named Audrey. I don’t know why I’m so fascinated with a plant that is taking over my patio and pepper area, except that this is just the most amazing plant. I might fool with this thing the rest of the summer and fall and still not get any squash, but I like garden experiments and this one is epic!

She has now crossed over my path up thru the yard, with 3 shoots, and one is starting to climb on the bamboo pyramid I gave her for her adventures.

winter sqaush

I can still step over “her” and go up thru the yard, for now……but that might not last long.  As her branches get longer, the stems on the leaves close to the base of the plant get longer, and those leaves are now over 1′ tall, and almost 1′ across.  Audrey and I are on a garden adventure, and she gets a chance to finish her journey.

Nothing is boring in the garden in the summer.  The earth sends up wonderful things to observe and assist to grow, and pick and eat. The bounty of summer, the blessings of the earth.  Enjoy Today, whatever your Today involves.

17 responses to “The yard is flat in the winter

  1. That’s a beautiful looking garden. Those peppers look very delicious to me. I love spicy and hot food.
    Love the way you describe your garden and how we should look at the world around us. Happy gardening, my friend!

    • Thanks Herman. 😊 Perspective changes as we get older, and appreciation of things. And the world changes, mostly too fast. It really is all about Today, and chocolate and wonderful cats and gardens. Oh, and ice cream, of course!

  2. A little late to the party, but it is fun to read about flowers and fruits and plant adventures to reminisce the warmer days instead of “NOT” looking forward to the cold ahead.
    Thank you for sharing your gardening experience. My mom always says a plant or tree loaded with flowers or fruit is like a happy family with lots of kids :D, its charming and endearing and your garden is seems to be filled with happy families.

    • Yes I have happy families in the garden, and I love your description like that! Some winter days get spent making plans for next year: a map of what to plant where, and sorting seeds I saved from my heirloom plants. Thanks for reading and your nice comments.

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