Behold the Magic of the Earth


There’s a piece of cross stitch I did many years ago, and it hangs in my kitchen.  I think of the magic of the earth often, but was especially reminded of it again the other day.

My (almost) daughter in law and I were winter sowing some tomato and peppers seeds.  We both commented on how small the seeds are for the Indigo Blue Berry (actually more purple than blue)  tomatoes we grew  last year, and will grow again.


If you’ve never grown things it would be hard to imagine that from that so-teeny seed comes a 7′ tall plant that bears hundreds of  beautiful tomatoes for two months.

purple tomatoes

We pick them and eat them plain, preserve them in several ways for winter, share some, and enjoy knowing that the magic of the seeds and the earth all happened right outside in the garden, from just letting the magic happen.  And that’s just one kind of wonderful food to grow with heirloom seeds that are the same as they were generations ago. Spring will come and we will dig in the earth and ask her to give us the bounty of food again. And we will give back to the earth by respecting her and treating her as she should be treated with natural methods of growing our food. Blessed be.

Here’s a picture of an early little harvest of  different kinds of cherry tomatoes last year. That was just the beginning of our bountiful tomato crop.

yellow plum tomatoes

Later harvest pictures looked more like this!


If you can grow any food product, even in pots on a patio, you will understand the magic of the earth in a way you never did before you ate something you grew yourself.


6 responses to “Behold the Magic of the Earth

    • Our tomatoes always get about 7′ or so, and produce very well. I love to grow food, and now my daughter in law joins in on the gardening and that’s good too. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  1. Nancy, on a day when I’m feeling low, thanks for your gentle reminder about earth’s magic. I LOVE the cross stitch picture btw. Hope I can make it to PA sometime. Take care my friend

    • You’re so welcome Sam; I’m glad it did something good for you. I did a lot of cross stitch years ago, and need to get back to it sometime. Yes, I hope too you guys can come up this way at some point. Take care of you, too! I hope you get some good news soon.

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