Do you remember….?

Back when life was simple?  Do you remember when you didn’t have to remember to charge your cell phone?

Remember….in no particular order, just as it comes to my memory………..when the phone was attached to the wall and didn’t have a dial?

Rumble seats.

Glass soda bottles.

Cars with metal bumpers.

Dresses that covered your body!

Wagons that kids pulled around to get those glass soda bottles for the deposit.

Dinner bells.

Playing with toys that didn’t take batteries.


No internet!

Transistor radios.

Records, vinyl, 45’s and the spindle that made them fit the record player.

78 records, before the vinyl ones…….that’s way back there.

8 tracks!

Roller skates with keys to attach them to your shoes.

Poodle skirts.

Hoola hoops.

Polaroid cameras, oh my, you got a picture right away!

Companies that answered the phone when you called……..

Black and white tv.

No remote, you get up and change the channel!

No movie channel.

Drive-in movies.

Drive-in diners, with girls on skates.

No microwaves!

Sunday dinners, cooked from scratch.

No pizza places.

Stores not open on Sunday.

Lunch boxes with good things packed from home for school.

Western Union.


The A & P store.

Green Stamps.

Bomb shelters.

Not wearing seat belts.

12 TV channels.

Ice boxes?

Refrigerators you had to defrost?

No frozen food.

No processed foods.

Milking the cows by hand.

Food you could trust!

Scooters, without motors.

Catching lightning bugs in a jar and watching them light, then turning them loose. (please!)

Honest politics.

The Depression.

Gas rationing in the 70’s.

Viet Nam.


Haight -Ashbury.

Peace signs.

Peyote, mescaline, LSD.

The Beatles?

Ed Sullivan.


The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Pet Rocks.

Man on the Moon.

President assassinated.

Assassin assassinated.


Wax pop bottles with good syrup inside.

Wax lips.

Penny candy in general!

Putting cards on your bike spokes to make a neat noise.

No drugs in school, or on most streets.

Bread for a quarter, gas for a quarter….lots of things for a quarter.

Cream on the top of the non- homogenized milk.

Milk boxes, and deliveries………..


Mimeograph, and the smell, and purple ink.

Barbie…when she first arrived!


Michael Jackson, at 13.

Winding your watch.

Treadle sewing machines.

Kerosene lanterns.

Running boards.

Continental kits.

OK, the old lady rambled on enough.  I remember all that, and hope I jogged some memories for some people.

2 responses to “Do you remember….?

  1. Oh, I remember the Polaroid camera and your Dad bought me the very first one and it had a tan, leather cover and steel case.
    And know what I remember from the A & P Store??? Their wonderful fruit cakes!!
    And I also remember we bought groceries on Friday night and the stores closed on Saturdays at noon and most stores took Wednesday afternoon as a “holiday” also.
    Those were the days!!!

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