Corn Festival is always fun!

Corn Festival

It was a beautiful day for a street festival,  just the right temp of maybe 83 or so. There were lots of people, as there always are, and people seemed to really be enjoying it.

I spent most of the day at Shippensburg Historical Society, showing people around in the Stewart House.

But I also took a good tour of the whole festival, and enjoyed seeing all the crafts and also antiques that people bring to this nice event.  Here were some interesting merchants I checked out.

I bought a garlic sauce once before at Harry’s House of Heat. This time he had something called Blue Crab Salsa and I tried a sample, and quickly bought a jar of that!  It is good stuff. He is from Lemoyne, Pa.

salsa and sauces

Kris’s Kraft’s Stained Glass, jumped out at me when I saw the beautiful stained glass tables she made.  They are wonderful! She’s from Gainesville, Va.

stained glass

Here’s a guy who bakes dog treats that looked good enough for people to eat!  “Treats So Good, They Rarely Get Buried” is his slogan.  He is from Jamison, Pa.

dog treats

Broom makers are always interesting to watch, making corn brooms in the old way.  Bob Haffly, Lone Oak Brooms, doesn’t have a web site, but his phone number is on his business card: 717-349-7979.  He’s from Amberson, Pa.

making corn brooms

I saw so many interesting things today, but just picked out a few to show people what they missed if they didn’t come to the Corn Festival.  There’s always next year, the last Saturday in August!

Corn Festival

2 responses to “Corn Festival is always fun!

  1. I just picked a couple merchants whose things took my eye. There are about 300 merchants of different items at each Corn Festival. So much to see!

    People like to be featured in blogs cos I link each picture to their website.

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