MaChatte will be upset…………..

picture window

MaChatte’s favorite thing is sitting in open windows and experiencing the sights, sounds, and smells of outside.  She can’t lay on most of my window sills when the windows are closed, cos they aren’t wide enough. She can lay on the picture window sill, cos it’s wider. There is a 2nd floor balcony with a door, and I have a big plastic trunk in front of the door, so she can lay there.  She can see up in the trees, or down to the ground.  And there are motion detector lights on the porch below, so she lays there in the evenings and waits to see what might turn the lights on.  A cat, a possum…….once in a great while, a skunk!  But she gets to see it all.


Fall will come and it’s beautiful here, but then come cooler days, and after a while I’ll have to close doors and windows and she will be upset!  She liked the snow last year, a lot better than I did!  Several times when it snowed, it took here about an hour pawing at the windows to finally learn she couldn’t catch the flakes and she gave up. (Is that a bad  learning curve or good cat-like persistence?)

She’ll spend more time in the picture window, where she laid for hours last winter.  I told her she was the mayor of the street cos she didn’t miss much.  Sometimes people even walked past with dogs!  She growled at them.

MaChatte, I hate to tell you, but summer can’t last forever.

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