Corn Festival!

Don’t forget to come to Shippensburg Saturday, 8/28, for the Corn Festival! 300 merchants of all sorts of neat crafts and antiques. Stop in at Shippensburg Historical Society while you’re downtown. We’ll be open 10-4. Plan to eat lunch downtown too, cos there are soooo many good food merchants, with all kinds of different things that will tempt you!

You can find something there that’s convenient AND healthy…thought I’d mention that cos I just wrote a blog about healthy.  And there are also special occasions!

2 responses to “Corn Festival!

  1. This is the 30th year. Rick designed the first Festival tee shirt! He was in high school and there was a contest, which he won. Then he was allowed to have his shirts silk screened and sold them at the first one as Corn Festival shirts. That’s kinda neat. He still has one of the shirts.

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