I love nature’s miracles



It’s not hard to grow green beans.  Unless you grow them in yucca plants.



I posted an earlier blog about having apparently dropped a green bean seed down into this yucca plant.  https://sarasinart.net/2014/07/20/i-grow-green-beans-in-the-strangest-places/

Yep, the little plant lived and I gave it a piece of bamboo to climb on.  It has half a dozen beans on and several more flowers.  I really don’t think it’s rooted in any ground, but in the base of the yucca, and digging its roots into some dead leaves and whatever is down at the base of the plant.  It’s small and a little spindly, but that’s not stopping it from doing what it’s supposed to be doing: flowering and making seeds.  I’ll definitely  let the seeds develop and save them, since this plant has such determination.

Nature is amazing.  Continuously amazing and all around us, if we look for the miracles.

5 responses to “I love nature’s miracles

  1. Nature IS amazing Nancy! I see it in my garden and all around me every day. But in my case, I really have to make myself slow down to see it and I’m working on that, I really am. Thank you for sharing your miracles with us ❤

    • You’re welcome Sam. I like to keep remembering that we’re visitors here and we need to appreciate what we have. And I know you think the same way. We’re kindred spirits!

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