Two bunches of celery

dehydrating food


Yep, that’s all you get when you dehydrate two nice sized bunches of celery.  I don’t buy it much in the winter when it’s so pricey, but I like to put some in soups and other recipes.  I tried freezing it but it gets all mushy.  If you dehydrate it,  it keeps some of its form when you cook it.  So, I buy 2 nice bunches in the fall and dehydrate it, pack it in a jar and put  it in the pantry.

Doing that proves to myself that I’m out of denial now, and have admitted to myself that fall and winter will be coming. It is, I know. I’m still getting used to the thought tho.

8 responses to “Two bunches of celery

    • You’re welcome Sam. I don’t eat it much raw, so I don’t need big amounts when the price is up in the winter, but I need some. Try it, you’ll like it, lol.

    • It doesn’t rehydrate quite well enough to eat raw, like in a salad. But in any kind of recipe, yes, and also keeps its flavor. Thanks for checking out and following my rambling blog!

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