It’s Geyri’s hatch day

Geyri hatched from his egg one year ago today. When I got him about 2 months later, he weighed 12 grams. Today he weighs 39 grams.

Uromastyx lay 10-15 eggs and they stay in an incubator for 2-3 months before they hatch. (In the wild the mothers lay the eggs down in a hole they’ve dug, and then leave them. The hatchlings are on their own when they hatch. They emerge with their eyes open and ready to be baby Uromastyx right away. Predators reduce the amount of them in their natural environment.) Breeders mark the eggs when they put them in the incubator to make sure they never get turned over. Birds’ eggs can be turned over but most reptiles’ eggs will die if they’re turned. I’ll never breed any, but it’s interesting to know about the lives of the species as a whole.

He doesn’t look like a baby any more. When they’re babies, they seem to not have a neck, like the head is attached to the shoulders. And babies’ tails don’t amount to much.

Now he looks like the young adult he is, and his tail is getting to be long compared to the length of his body. That tail is their only means of defense in the wild, and the spikes get harder and sharper as they get older. Spiny tailed lizards is one of their other names. He’s getting more yellow color as he gets older, and some time after they’re a year old, they start to get more adult coloring yet. He’s beginning a shed now, the 2nd since I’ve had him, and their colors usually get a little brighter with each shed.

We can’t have a party, but he’ll get some special foods. He has no idea it’s his hatch day, but I do. Uromastyx are fun. It’s a challenge and a pleasure to have learned how to provide a natural environment for this very unique little character from Africa.

2 responses to “It’s Geyri’s hatch day

  1. This is so beautiful! You should have a little party on your own, my friend. Hope Geyri enjoys his treats…

    • Herman he did get special stuff! Extra of 2 of his favorites, and that’s not a balanced uro diet, but it’s just one day. It’s more a celebration for me to have been able to learn how to provide his Saharan scrub desert experience in his own little world. One admin on the big uro FB page just said it’s a perfect weight and growth rate for a 1 year old. We’re doing good. Have a good rest of your weekend!

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