A Puppy for Xmas

Here is a blog so important that I feel the need to reblog it. This is a great post, Tom.

Off Topic

Just yesterday, as I was leaving the mall, I overheard that woman talking on her phone. She was asking the price for getting a kitten sterilized and declawed.

Oh! I’ve been a good boy. Those who know me know that I am rarely a good boy. There were so many things wrong with these few words that I didn’t know where to start. Maybe it was those two heavy grocery bags that I was carrying, but I did nothing. I simply stared at her with angry eyes, and walked to my car. She didn’t even notice me, but her friend did, and moved away.

I wish I took a different decision. I wish I didn’t play the good boy. Since yesterday, I can’t think of anything other than what I should have done. I see myself walking to her, put my bags down, take the phone off her hand and…

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6 responses to “A Puppy for Xmas

    • That was such a good blog he wrote, I had to repost it. I can’t imagine what people would be thinking giving a pet for a gift, especially. It’s a commitment of love for a lot of years. You’re warm down there, can you send me some of that warm up this way, lol?

  1. WOW, Well said!!! You could have used some significantly more demonstrative adjectives, but being the exquisite lady that you are, and you are, you didn’t. That’s why we love and respect you so much. But really, think of the big picture of giving a puppy, a kitten, or any dependent living thing as a Christmas present. It’s like giving a bunny rabbit as an Easter present. How many of them do ya think are hopping around by the time the Fourth of July gets here. Irrespective of the time of year, accepting responsibility of any pet ownership is tantamount to Parenting. Period. Not for the squeamish at all. It’s irritating, inconvenient, but most importantly: extremely rewarding. Parent with care.

    • That was a reblogged article Gregg; I didn’t write it myself so I can’t take any credit for it. It was just so effective that I needed to send it out to more people. Parenting, yes, that’s a good way to put it, cos it’s a long term commitment.

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