Gathering veggies before a big storm



There’s only a few good things ready to harvest from the garden right now.  I was just out picking some Swiss chard, and earlier Eliza picked two nice zucchinis.  Since a lot of her recent years were spent in Texas, she’s excited to be able to grow real veggies here and pick it, clean it, eat it, love it! She has her big knife ready to tear into them!





We’re expecting bad thunderstorms this afternoon and evening, so it was time to go gather while the weather was right.  With so many tall and good healthy peppers, tomatoes and cucumber plants out there, we always hope these summer thunderstorms will give us rain with no sound effects, light shows or little balls of hail.

The good earth provides, and stuff is so good.

10 responses to “Gathering veggies before a big storm

  1. Looks like most of the bad stuff is sliding to your south, so maybe just a great watering for you i hope. Completely envious of your Zukes as I sit here popping my heavily salted GMO cherry tomatoes; perfectly round, perfectly colored, but I wish they tasted like real tomatoes. Keep on growing Snow Angel, keep on growin’

    • Oh yea Gregg things are really just getting started here. Lots of tomatoes coming, cukes, beans, more zucchinis, Brussels sprouts. I wish I could send you some. Watch that heavily salted stuff! Hope you are well.

    • No, we got it for sure but there was no bad stuff or any damage here. Just big buckets of rain for maybe 2 hours. Both to the east and west of us, the next towns had trees down on wires and flooding in some streets. We were lucky…again. I hope you had a fun camping trip! Will you blog about it?

      • We had a lovely time…first time we’ve been ‘away’ together for longer than an afternoon or evening in 3 years b/c of cancer treatments! I don’t know if I’ll blog, simply bc there’s not much to say. We hiked, played music, napped and went to a birthday party/cookout last night with friends that live near the campground. HOW can I possibly make that tie in to transitioning? hahahahaha

      • I’m glad you had such a good time, and it was a well deserved treat for both of you after such a hard time you both had. It sounds relaxing and relaxing is good stuff.

  2. I’m a little late with my comment – my apologies. I hope you didn’t get hit by the storm too badly. We had thunderstorms too but no damage or anything. The veggies look very, very tasty. 🙂

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