Garden progress, things growing well!


purple tomatoes

My future daughter in law Eliza is my co-gardener and she likes purple things, lots of purple things.  Like the purple tomatoes pictured above, which I started from seeds in the kitchen.  I also started her seeds for purple jalapenos, pictured below.

purple  hot pepper


She got some seeds for small plant zucchinis, meant to be in large containers, and the tiny seedlings we planted in her large wooden boxes have gone crazy.



Swiss chard, which I’m growing for the first time this year and really like, is doing well, among a few weeds and a few remaining spring onions.


Cucumbers are just starting to reach out for some green mesh to cling on to.


King of the Garden Limas are starting to find their way up trellis poles.  They are the ones that go up 10′. When you help to train your beans, remember they wind  counter-clockwise. It’s best not to try to mess with mother nature.


I have some very special Lima beans that were planted later and are now getting good secondary leaves.  These are orange Lima beans from the Hopi Native Americans in northern Arizona.  The seeds were provided to me by a very special friend, and I will return that favor in the fall by giving her some of Eliza’s purple yard long Thai bean seeds.

orange limas

But you can’t eat everything, and some flowers are good to have too.  These celosas and marigolds I planted in my old galvanized wash tub are doing well and provide a bright spot among garden areas, some of which we have named.  There’s Brussels Lane, and Tomato Row…… you have to have some fun while you’re doing what you’re doing. Lots of other things are doing well too, other tomatoes, lots of hot and sweet peppers, some little watermelon plants, collards, black eyed peas, Brussels sprouts, stuff growing all around! All  heirloom seeds, definitely no GMO’s growing here.   Grow on, if you’re lucky enough to be able to grow some of your own food.


12 responses to “Garden progress, things growing well!

  1. The Brussels Lane… sounds like it’s very close to the neighbourhood where I live! 😉
    Growing your own food is just wonderful. My Dad was a dedicated gardener and we always had lots of vegetables to choose from…

    • That’s where the sprouts live, Herman, and it’s located right behind Tomato Row. It’s all fun. And you get to eat the results.

  2. Love seeing the pictures of your garden Nancy-it’s looking really great! Do you amend your soil with organic matter? Just curious. Maybe you could shred that shoulder sling and add that to the compost too? hahhaha love those Hope Limas…be careful though about them cross-pollinating with your King of the Garden Limas if you intend to save the seeds from either. Have a great day…I’m finally getting caught up in my garden and home stuff and can start writing again soon I hope. Hugs, Sam

    • Just good aged horse manure Sam. I can’t avoid cross pollination since I have no other place to plant anything. Maybe I’ll get a new kind, Hopis that go 10′ tall. I’ll know when I look at the dried seeds for sure…….that orange color will show itself if they crossed. Thank you! It’s good you’re getting caught up, maybe even time for some porch sittin’.

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