Cats are just neat


She hadn’t laid in her bed for a year.  Then she started laying under this table a lot. Sooo, I put the bed under the table, and we have a whole new experience here.

She has her favorite thing in the world laying near her bed……her best bird.  She carries this bird around in her mouth like some little creature she caught, and makes an announcement that she has brought a bird. Then I’m supposed to admire the bird that she caught. I enjoy that much more when the bird is brought while I’m awake.  She has a couple other lesser favorite birds, but this one has teeth marks in it from so much carrying around, so it’s quick to pick up and run off with.  Cats are such fun creatures.

I described about the bird in an earlier post:

Her favorite thing in the world is a 2″ long bird my son got her for her first  Christmas.   It used to sing as it flew thru the air.  She was scared to death of it for the first 2 days.  Then she decided she had to conquer that fear…….and she attacked!  Over and over to the point that the bird unfortunately has no tail or wings left.  And in her attacks, I’m afraid the poor bird  suffered internal injuries that cost him his voice.  But, he’s her favorite thing, and she likes him so much that he goes under the couch a lot, and then I have to get the yardstick and dig him  out.  So, who’s trained here……….?


The birds look much different when they first come home.

bird cat toy

12 responses to “Cats are just neat

  1. Your cat seems so content. Mine is a raging lunatic, wanting OUT! So, I open the door, he gets buried up to his belly in snow and he BACKS back in the door, then meows again. sigh. Spring is surely close.

    • Saying, mom, make the snow go away! How much snow do you have? I sure hope spring is close. It’s gonna be down close to zero here the next couple nights, and I have cabin fever!!!

    • That’s an old, badly abused but well used bird, lol. It’s been her friend since Christmas 2009. I’ve gotten her new ones and she doesn’t even mess with them.

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