More of the magic of the earth


  This old basket and I have been together in the garden for a few years.  It fits over my arm and gives me both hands free for picking things like beans from the pergola.  It’s always a sad time  when it’s time to put the basket away in the fall.
  This year the basket gathered 3 kinds of squash, two kinds of beans, cucamelons, 6 kinds of tomatoes and several kinds of peppers, sweet and hot.  All heirlooms, of course, but I won’t go on my heirloom rant right now. We will gather about the same things next year, when spring comes and the earth comes out of her rest and  starts to turn green again.  Seeds will be started inside and then moved to my little hoop house till the time is right to set their little roots into the ground, and assist them to again give me the blessings of the earth.
  I got to see two wonders of the earth in the last couple days. I had written a blog about the mums on the hill out front. A day after that, I was out there and stood looking for 5 minutes at an amazing sight.  All over the flowers were all different kinds of bees large and small, and butterflies everywhere.  Something on every flower.  It’s late here for insects to still be alive, and many flowers are already over, cos we’ve had such warm conditions. So they were glad to still be able to find flowers. I had never seen anything like it before and I just stayed there, looking at them and enjoying this wonderful thing.
  Yesterday, out back and around my bird bath, was a flock of robins.  I haven’t seen any robins for several weeks, and they should already be gone. And we never see a lot of them together, just one or two at a time.  There were 12 or 15 of them, and some kept flying in to join the others.  So, never having seen that, and not knowing how robins migrate, I searched to see if they fly together in flocks. That is what they do, so for the first time I got to see a flock of migrating robins.
  Soon the snow birds will migrate to here.  Juncos, that look like their bellies were dipped in snow.  They appreciate the seeds we put out for them and will be around out back all the time in the winter.
  In a world of chaos like things are now, I love to see and share things that are simple yet amazing;  the magic of the earth.  The small things, as we look back later, were always the big things, and we need to appreciate them. Today is what we have.  Have a good Today.

10 responses to “More of the magic of the earth

  1. How nice. It is nice to use tools that we enjoy. I still use my great grandfather’s pitchfork . . . Most of my kitchen implements have been in use for generations. If I need to use such tools, I may as well enjoy them.

    • That’s neat that you have them and use them. I like old stuff and old stuff was made to last. I have my husband’s grandfather’s big loppers, must be about 100 years old, and one of the best tools I ever had in my hands. And I enjoy using my old kitchen tools too. Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂

      • Well, I am a bit extreme in that regard. I still have my first car, a 1970 Dodge Dart, and I am only the second owner. I do not drive it much of course. My Pa has a Model T Ford, and he is only the third owner. I still use a fountain pen that I used in junior high school in 1980.

      • Oh wow, that is a little extreme but so interesting to keep good things that still work, like cars. That’s two nice old cars!

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