Pink mums on the hill are worth waiting for

fall flowers

It’s always hard to admit it’s time to dismantle the garden: take down tomato plants and bean plants off the pergola, put cute lawn ornaments in the garage for the winter, and get ready for a long cold spell. But around that same time, my front hill fills with pink flowers:  mature mums that were planted there about 10 years ago.  They don’t have a smell, but they sure look pretty when you drive by. Or, stand in the middle of the street to take the pictures……carefully.

fall flowers

5 responses to “Pink mums on the hill are worth waiting for

  1. Those are big. I kept some white chrysanthemums for a few years, but they were smaller. We tend to grow them as annuals here. It is frustrating that everyone else pulls them up and discards them.

    • This started out as 3 small plants and has spread out nicely in abut 10 years. A lot of people around here get them in pots and then throw them out. Such pretty colors some of them are, and people discard them. 😔

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