Gardening adventures

yellow squash

Or maybe I should just call them gardening misadventures.  I planted two  kinds of cucumber seeds under a big bamboo teepee: some straight 8’s and some pickling cukes.  I planted 3 kinds of squash in another area altogether.

A few days ago, this appeared  in the cucumber patch.  I did think of it being a squash, except I never had any of this kind of seeds and the other squash are planted away from this. So I went on to a FB gardeners page to ask why my cucumbers are yellow.  Simple, they said, cos it’s a squash!  I’m not familiar with squash and never planted any before this year. We all had some fun with that and I accepted the fact that I have one summer squash growing among my cucumbers.

But now there are three other plants in the same area that have things forming that are……..not cucumbers.  So I went back on the FB page and said, ok, now I know that these are probably squash, can somebody tell me what kind, 3 plants with the same things forming?


So, some said lemon squash or 8 ball zucchini, and one said acorn squash, cos round squash all look very similar when they first start to develop. I never heard of any of them except the acorn squash, cos I’m not much of a squash person.

Seed companies can mix up seeds, and in this case it was a big mix up if that’s what happened, cos I have 4 foreign plants.  Or, plants could have been allowed to cross pollinate and then the seeds that I planted might not produce a true fruit of any kind.  It’s all a mystery, and we’ll just have to wait now and see what we get.  I’m not much of a squash eater, but my DIL is and so are my friends across the alley, so everybody around here might have a lot of squash if these all do well.

I did plant 3 other kinds of squash in my 3 Sisters area.  The spaghetti squash in that area are doing amazing.


I hope these new unintentional squash  won’t over run my cucumbers and I have to end up buying cucumbers for canning pickles from the Amish veggie stand up the road. (The 3 Sisters area is able to be contained cos I planted it in a space big enough to do that.) I was tempted to pull these newcomers out, but they’re healthy and growing and I just don’t have the heart to do that.

Grow on, if you’re growing your own garden!

10 responses to “Gardening adventures

  1. Keep track of where you got the seeds…maybe even call them to see if they’ll reimburse or replace them. Any chance of the seeds getting into your compost pile and spread that way? Squash seeds are really hard to compost well. Good luck, should be fun. But they will take over your cukes so if it’s cukes you want, pull em out and “give cukes a chance”. peace.

    • I blame a seed packet I got from Wally, a big company but not the good online seed companies. Cukes are poking their head out from under them and sending out twiners, so I’m helping then find the way to the bamboo tee pee. No way there were here in compost or anywhere else cos I’ve never have either of these sqaush plants growing here before. It’ll be a new adventure, my DIL loves squash while I’m not so fond of many of them, but if we have an overflow, my friends across the alley love all sqaush and then there is the senior center. People there are always thankful for the cukes and tomatoes I bring in, but I won’t be bringing them cukes this year, probably squash instead, lol. If you lived closer…… 🙂 Peace to you too Sam.

      • I was thinking more along the lines of squash seeds getting into your compost pile via seeds from store bought squash that Liza might’ve cooked last winter???

      • No, we don’t put seeds in the compost tumbler, for reasons like that. Good idea tho, for the big mystery, thanks!

  2. I see your squash vines have flowers now. Mine have just come up. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • OH yea, I have squash flowers….all over the place! In places I never imagined, lol. Good luck with yours. I think you’re about a zone behind us.

      • Technically, Zone 4 but more like Zone 3 at times. We had a weird spring: cold and dry, cold and wet, warm and dry. Now it is hot and rainy.

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