What a new gardening challenge!

Garden plants were being eaten. I was blaming rabbits, but couldn’t understand how some taller things were being eaten…..by rabbits. It never occurred to me that the animal that could eat taller things was a deer. I’ve lived here 43 years and there has never been a deer on my property.

Gardening always has new challenges ever year. Most often it’s the weather itself; too much of something or not enough of something. I’ve had some issues with critters too, rabbits a little last year, and one bad year with groundhogs. But now a deer, standing in my driveway with cars ripping up and down my street.

The mountains where deer live here are a ways away and she would have had to cross some open spaces to get to the woods behind my house. The woods is a small area and there is no source of water here. I haven’t seen her now for 2 days and I hope that means that she decided to go back where she came from, for the sake of my garden and for her safety. This is a small town but I live on a busy street and she is not safe here.

I’m growing my typical stuff: several kinds of tomatoes, several kinds of hot and sweet peppers, several kinds of beans and some summer squash. And trying some cantaloupes for the first time. We all love cantaloupe. (FYI, deer don’t like cantaloupe plants.)

And this year I’m growing a raised bed with greens for my 2 lizards. It looks nice and will stay nice until the big heat hits. This is mustard greens and arugula. I eat some of both in salads too and like the mustard greens sauteed with some bacon and onion.

Geyri is doing good and growing slowly because that’s what uromastyx do. She likes to come out of her enclosure and look out the window. Chuckie is the acrobat and is crazy and makes me laugh.

Other that all that, I’m getting old(er) but it’s ok. The news scares the beejeebers out of me and the climate chaos is a constant concern, but I keep perking along. I hope you are growing something good in your garden and enjoying the summer, centered/grounded enough to see some good things in your own world while there is chaos all around us.

Be good to yourself. You deserve it.

11 responses to “What a new gardening challenge!

  1. Oh wow! Your garden looks fantastic. The plant with the purple flowers, is that eggplant or a pepper? I finally, after several years, have a garden of sorts. Its a garden tower. My plans for a raised bed in my backyard were put on hold while the city puts in a new sewer line through our neighborhood. I’m not complaining because the upgrade is sure needed. I’ve seen deer in our main downtown area of high rise buildings. Its said they become lost when moving along the Ohio river. I saw my little blue lizard on the porch a few days ago. With the heat almost 100 I think he’s staying in the shade.

    • Thanks! The purple flowers are purple jalapenos I grow for my DIL. She likes the hot stuff a lot. It is so unusual for a deer to be in town, maybe one is seen every couple years. But never right here. I thought my eyes would pop out and I RAN to get my phone. What are you growing in your garden tower? That’s a pain to need a new sewer line but improvement is good.

      • Mostly herbs but bell peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, carrot tops, garlic, onions, and one lone red leaf lettuce. There are 30 pots in the garden tower. I’ve got four tomato plants growing in pots. Its not much but its a start. I need fresh veggies for better health.

  2. Your garden looks so beautiful with all the fresh green plants. This is definitely the best season of the year. But, maybe you should get some extra cats to keep that deer out of your garden… 😉
    Your 2 inside friends look very lovely too, but to be honest, I prefer a cat on my lap…
    Don’t worry about getting old(er), that’s something we all do. Just enjoy all the little things around you, and especially that beautiful garden. Take care, my dear friend!

    • I hope that’s the only deer I ever have to worry about on my property, because they definitely don’t belong down here in town. I think everything that she ate parts of will recover. Lizards are good for on laps too, just different. But you can’t hear them purring as you go to sleep, or have a fuzzy nose in your face saying it’s time to wake up. 😌. Older, it’s ok. I’m thankful to be this old cos many people never make it this far. Enjoy your special things too, and find happiness every day, long time friend. ❤️

  3. Oh gee; it was all going along just fine, like an old rerun of ‘Wild Kingdom’, then suddenly, it became ‘Jurassic Park’!

    • You liked that movie, didn’t you? Wild Kingdom is over, thankfully. Jane Doe went back where she belongs, to the safety of cover away from people and cars. So, I won’t post about her any more, but always more about Geyri and Chuckie.

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