My Assistant and I have Spring Fever

 It’s a gorgeous day, and a holiday for us at work, so I took the afternoon off.  Came home and opened windows to let the fresh air in.  Went out and picked some spring flowers for a good smell in the kitchen.  Then I worked at trimming some things and got started working on the garden.  

All the while, MaChatte was running from open window to window, checking out everything outside.  She thinks she’s the mayor of my street, cos she sits on the end of the couch and looks out the living room window a lot, cos from there she can see clear down to the corner.  People walk by, bicycles, squirrels, birds, and sometimes people even have a DOG! 

But today the windows were open, several of them, and that means she can see and hear and smell the outside smells.  She speaks to the squirrels in a tiny little squeaky voice, and tries to get birds as they fly by the windows.  From one back window upstairs, she can look down at the ground, or see the birds and squirrels up in two maple trees.  She was a very happy cat. 

She got herself so tired that as soon as she ate her supper, she had to go to her cat bed and take a nap.  That was about an hour ago…..a long nap must be needed after all that excitement, cat-style. 

In a while, I’ll go to my work table and make a few pieces of jewelry. She will have to get up then and inspect what I’m doing, cos she always likes to get involved in that. 

my cat

MaChatte needs a nap

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