Assault, over a cheeseburger, WHAT???


This article was in a local newspaper:

 YORK, Pa. (WHTM) –
Police have filed charges against a McDonald’s customer who allegedly threw a tantrum because his hamburger mistakenly had a piece of cheese on it. (Name removed)  35, of Dover, was charged Tuesday with simple assault, disorderly conduct, and criminal mischief, according to Springettsbury Township police. Police said (name) on November 30 knocked over a trash can and threw a child’s high chair before he left the restaurant, then attacked a female employee who followed him to the parking lot to get his license plate number. The female employee sustained an injury to her leg, and (name) took her phone and threw it across the parking lot before he fled the restaurant in the 300 block of Memory Lane, police said. (name) was identified as the attacker through information provided by witnesses, police said. A preliminary hearing was not immediately scheduled.
  WHAT?  What has happened to people? What kind of society have we become that this is the way someone acts because of a sandwich?
  We have some big issues going on right now,  and this is about a sandwich, but it represents so much more.  As a group, we need to get a grip.

6 responses to “Assault, over a cheeseburger, WHAT???

  1. Two schoolfriends of my son went to McDonalds with their fathers…a couple of years back in Norwich, United kingdom. The fathers started arguing and one pulled a knife on the other and stabbed him, dead, there and then in the restuarant. Boys were about 16, fathers mid 40’s.

  2. Oh that was horrible. Would have been horrible even if the kids had’t seen it, and so much worse that they did. Violence is everywhere. Remember when issues that HAD to be settled got settled with fists?

  3. Can’t say anything flippant about this one. My wife no longer goes there because someone gave her a mustard burger. Too bad the guy couldn’t have seen the warning signs himself—like diabetics have to—and take suitable precautions. What a way or reason to flip out…that’s sad. Jonathan Caswell, BY THE MIGHTY MUMFORD

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