Nature includes so many wonders……

black eyed peas

Many little seeds are graceful and slow to have their seedlings appear into the  world.  Some are such teeny little sprouts that you can hardly see them at first.

If you want to enjoy growing things as much as possible, I think there is nothing in the garden quite a glorious as a bean, sticking its head up thru the ground.  There is nothing reserved or quiet about it,  it’s just here’s a bean! The whole seed serves as food as it sends out one little root and then it pushes its way up into the sunlight.  Very quickly, usually within one day, the first set of leaves appear.  This one happens to be a black eyed pea, which is really a bean,  just to confuse you.

Beans are easy and fun, and not hard to grow, an especially good experience if you’re teaching kids about growing things.

Many things just grow, but beans entering the world kind of make an announcement  lol.  But then I love to grow things, and it all pretty much amazes me.

2 responses to “Nature includes so many wonders……

  1. You understand the magic that the earth provides for us to share. I have black eyed peas and green beans sprouting around the base of a pyramid shaped trellis. I’m hoping for a good crop! Are you growing good stuff?

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