August brings hardy hibiscus flowers



There are still some things you can pretty much count on.  Winter brings cold and snow, yea, every year! March usually brings robins,  April brings crocus, May brings the Jenny wren,  June brings lightning bugs,  July brings Japanese beetles,  and August brings hardy hibiscus.  These flowers are about 8′” across and are definitely worth waiting on.

These are hardy in our climate;  there is another variety of hibiscus that aren’t.  These are one of the last things to shoot up in the spring; in fact they came with a written warning not to dig them up if you think they aren’t going to shoot up…..wait, and they will.

People have come up to me while I was out front several times asking what they are and where they can get some. The gray plants mixed in with them are absinthe, a variety of wormwood.  (Yes,  the old green faerie absinthe, the stuff we’re allowed to have but not allowed to ferment.)

It’s nice to still be able to count on some things.


7 responses to “August brings hardy hibiscus flowers

  1. The theme of this post makes me want to do one on ‘things we can count on’ too. Would you mind? Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. PS That hibiscus is a knock out! Thanks for sharing your garden, I love it. PS JR Are you on facebook?

    • I don’t have any problem with you doing whatever you want with that. You’ll come up with some good stuff! I am on FB and I wondered the same about you. How do we get each other’s info, we can’t email here, or can we? I know, I have a separate page called SarasinArt on FB. See if you can PM me on there………..

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