Fitted for rotator cuff surgery sling

sling for shoulder surgery

No, that’s not me, that’s a lady on an online ad for a Coreflex rotator cuff surgery immobilizer sling.  Having tried mine on, and worn it for some experiments to learn how it will work, and feel,  I would like to ask why the lady is smiling. Turns out that the tear in my rotator cuff is only part of my problem, cos there is also a bicep tear, so I need that pillow under the arm, that makes the elbow stick out and keeps the arm at just the right angle for the healing that needs to happen.

I’ll wear this all the time between the surgery and the day I go back to have my stitches taken out,  5 days later. (Arthroscopic surgery allows the doctor to do all his magic with 5 small incisions and some unbelievable tools, and his good surgical skills.) Then I’ll be taught how to put it on and take it off myself, without moving the shoulder around and injuring the stitched area inside the shoulder.

My surgeon will repair the tear, and also clean up the inside of the joint, meaning arthritis and bone spurs, which come with age and use. Then I will wear the sling for 4-6 weeks.  Hopefully 4…….  After that, 3-5 months of PT.  As my family doc keeps saying, getting old is not for the faint of heart.  Right.

I’ve made quite a few adaptations around my house to make things easier to do with one hand.  I can use the operated hand, but only the hand on that side, never voluntarily moving the shoulder.  I’ve always thought of myself as being pretty adaptive to whatever life throws at me, but I’ve never been thru anything like this and the kind of recovery it requires.

Sitting at my computer chair, I’ve learned that with the sling on, my hand doesn’t turn toward the keyboard at the right angle to type. Mouse is ok, keyboard is not.  But, I can use voice recognition on my phone into my email, and then copy and paste, like into this blog. I guess that’s pretty adaptive as I think it over.

Back later, with more ramblings.

11 responses to “Fitted for rotator cuff surgery sling

    • Thanks so much Herman. I will have lots of time at home, not driving while I have the sling on, and I’ll be looking for good blogs from you and Mr. Bowie!

  1. Nancy, the girl in the ad is smiling because she’s only a model and doesn’t really have to wear the damn thing! It looks like a torture device to me…so glad you’re having this done during the winter so you can hopefully be healed by spring. I’m sending you my very best wishes for health and healing in this ‘Winter of Wellness’.

    • Not exactly healed by spring, cos this recovery takes 9-12 months to be completely done. No shovel, hoe or rake all summer. But I can use a trowel, and my garden areas are not getting turned over, but you know if there’s a way to grow things, I’m gonna find it! I want more of those 12′ Lima beans. Thanks so much for your good wishes!

  2. You gotta love advertizing!! She is happy cause she gets paid and gets to take it off after the photo shoot. I wish you all the best with all of it. Like Bette Davis once said: “Old age ain’t no place for sissies.” – boy is that the truth!

    • It is the truth Jackie. I’m a trooper but this is a lot to think about, but I’ll git ‘er done. Thanks for your good wishes. I’ll be writing about it, to vent frustration, and it also might help somebody else who has to go thru it.

  3. Happy to hear that you will be able to visit the computer a bit. That sling looks pretty rigid.

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